Purple Smoke

Hi again!

This week I didn’t have a post planned out so I decided to share with you a few practice photos from yesterday. I recently purchased some photo smoke grenades for an engagement shoot I have coming up and have been dying to test them out for weeks! Normally, I am the one behind the camera but because my husband is much more camera shy then I am, found myself in front of the camera this time.  The things you’ll do to get your creative energy out. Ha ha.

They were SO much fun but I don’t recommend doing them on a windy day. Which I knew going into it but like I said, when you have a creative itch, it’s really hard to ignore it. Ha ha.

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Up the Mountain we go! | Janurary 14th, 2017


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Yesterday we went on a spur of the moment trip up the mountain. Jordan told me he wanted to go up before it snowed which was fine with me because I had stuff to do around the house later. Well, I definitely thought he meant he wanted to beat the snow so we would only be there for a couple hours and only go as far as a couple miles up the mountain. But, turns out he meant he wanted to get up there before it snowed so that he could be in the snow storm. Ha ha oops! We took our time going up the mountain, stopping at small pull outs to check out the scenery and brave the wind. (which was insane by the way! It almost knocked me off a rock! ha ha) Once we got to the top we had lunch at Sawmill restaurant, walked around a couple shops, got their famous fudge and bought a beanie for me to keep my ears warm (that’s what happens when you’re unprepared for a super cold day trip. ha ha)  We ended up staying up there all day waiting for it to snow or “snow chasing” as we started calling it ha ha. Towards the end of the day it did start snowing and though it wasn’t a lot, it was still enough to make the trip worth it. We just had a good time going back and forth from the top, to the shops and to our favorite spots. Snapping photos, people watching, and trying not to slip on ice. ha ha.

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